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Act naturally
Advanced BASIC
Airline food
Almost exactly
Alone together
Butt head
Clearly misunderstood
Definite maybe
Diet ice cream
Exact estimate
Found missing
Genuine imitation
Good grief
Government organization
Legally drunk
Living dead
New baby
New classic
Passive aggression
Political science
Pretty ugly
Resident alien
Same difference
Silent scream
Small crowd
Soft rock
Sweet sorrow
Synthetic natural gas
Taped live
Temporary tax increase
Terribly pleased
"This page intentionally left blank"
Tight slacks
Twelve-ounce pound cake
Working vacation

Help Wanted: Psychic. You know where to apply.

Shadow Puppets in the tent (cartoon)
Shadow Puppets in the tent


History of "Where's Waldo" Questions  (THE OLD ONES)
(New questions will NOT be posted here - this will be a repository of completed contests)
Game posted October, 2007 and closed June 1, 2008.
There were only 4 correct answers submitted.  There were also incorrect answers submitted, which were not counted.  
Those Scouts were given a chance to re-submit, but did not.
There was no sixth correct submission, and therefore no winner of the prize - which was going to be a gift certificate to a sporting goods store.
Special thanks to those Scouts that participated.

Boy Scout Statue Waldo Boy Scout Statue

There is a statue of a Boy Scout in front of the County Administrative Center (4080 Lemon Street) in downtown Riverside.

The Sixth (6th) Scout that correctly provides the following information about the 1937 statue, wins!  (A prize... yet to be determined will be awarded at a subsequent Troop meeting).

Scout Rank
Troop Number
Troop Position

Email Waldo with your answer

Correct answers:

The Scout Rank is 1st Class

The Troop Number is 1

The Troop Position is Patrol Leader

"Where's Waldo" Question #1 (Contest Closed)

What was Sir Robert Baden-Powell's rank when he retired from the English Army in 1910?
(First two correct email reponses to webmaster
wins those scouts a candy bar of their choice)

Well Troop, the first installment of the "Where's Waldo" game is over.

However, prior to initiating this game I find that I did not research this thoroughly enough.  I have found a number of answers on different websites.  I found what I thought was good information that he retired as a Major General, but in his own writing, he indicates that his highest military rank was Lieutenant-General, with what appears to be an assignment as "Colonel-in-Chief to my old Regiment, the 13th Hussars", which I don't believe was a change in rank but a title and an assignment.
Per his writing, he made Major General at 43 (in 1900).
This means that prior to his 50th birthday (1907) he was promoted to Lieutenant-General.

The wikipedia provides information that he became "Inspector General of Cavalry in 1903", but that preceded his advancement to Lieutenant-General in apx. 1907.

So, I believe that the most correct answer is that he was a Lietenant General in the British army when he retired in 1910.

So, in the interest of fairness and in promoting the idea of such games as a fun addition to our website, I believe it appropriate to award candy-bar prizes to each and every participant:

Mark (First answer: Lieutenant-General)
Ben  (Answer: Major General, which I thought was the correct answer)
David S. (Answer: Inspector General of Calvary, second answer was Lieutenant General)
Zach (Answer: Inspector General of Calvary)
Andrew He. (Answer: Lieutenant-General)
Adam or Aric He. (using mom's email, but without stating his name) (Answer: british commander)

* * * For the NEXT game, I will be more sure of my answer! * * *

I will gladly accept suggestions for questions and other types of games!

"Where's Waldo" Contest Question #2 (For Adults only, submitted by Don Herwick)

Rules for this one:

  • Adults only.
  • NO use of the internet, please (be honest about this!).
  • Answer can be found in September's issue of "Scouting".
  • A parent/son prize will be dreamed up and awarded to the first adult that provides a complete answer.
  • Stan and Don H. are excluded from this contest.

Question: Who is Derek Slinger?

Posted 7:45, 9/14/05

We have a winner!

Answer received 1/15/05 at 1:41 PM


Derek Slinger is an eagle scout that is battling cancer. He is with
troop 32 in Kansas City. His eagle project was a comic coloring book for
Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

Tom G.

(I presented a gift certificate for Cold Stone to Tom at the September Court of Honor).

Where's Waldo question (Posted 10/16/05)
  Open to All Scouts, in preparation for December's planned day-outing to the USS Midway

The first Scout to answer all of the following questions correctly wins a prize, to be determined:

1. With what Merchant Ship did the USS Midway collide in 1980, with near catastrophic results?
2. What was the date of the collision?
3. What was the destination of the USS Midway when the collision occurred?

Correct answer, (submitted 11/27/05 by Zachary, who has won a Cold Stone gift certificate!):
1. Cactus, it was a Panamian freighter
2. It occurred on July 29, 1980
3. En route to Singapore

"Say the secret word" contest

Here's how it works -
Keep this to yourself - the fewer people that know the secret word, the greater are YOUR odds!
The secret word is "cheerleader"
Write this word down on a small piece of paper and with your name and give the paper to Stan
Do not tell anyone the secret word
A drawing will be held from the papers submitted to Stan on Monday April 3rd
and the winner will win... well... something.

Congratulations to Zach, who won the "secret word" contest,
and the prize of a mini MagLite.
There were only 3 boys that participated in the contest. 4/3/06

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