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A note from Jerry to Troop 270
Thank you for the card and generous gift.
Looking back at all 11 years with Troop 270, I was thinking of the things we have done -
Camping, hiking, street clean-ups, tree planting, laughed, helping one another, fund raisers,
fixing up the Scout house, building the Troop trailer. The list can go on and on and on.
The one thing that stuck out most, was the friendships that will be with U.S.* forever.

Thank you again,
Your friend
Jerry U.S.* Dodds

* U.S. = Uncle Stinky


Special thanks to Tom, Don, Jerry and all of the parents and Scouts for welcoming us into Troop 270.
We really appreciate the warm welcome, and we already feel at home.
Stan and Mark


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