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Jerry Dodds was an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 270 for many years until July, 2006.

Jerry has moved on to a better place....
(To sell road-kill tacos)

Jerry was known by a couple of affectionate nick-names....

Uncle Stinky
The Kitchen Nazi

Thanks, Jerry, for being such a great part of Troop 270

Note: pre-2004 photos are requested!

A note from Jerry to Troop 270
Thank you for the card and generous gift.
Looking back at all 11 years with Troop 270, I was thinking of the things we have done -
Camping, hiking, street clean-ups, tree planting, laughed, helping one another, fund raisers,
fixing up the Scout house, building the Troop trailer. The list can go on and on and on.
The one thing that stuck out most, was the friendships that will be with U.S.* forever.

Thank you again,
Your friend
Jerry U.S.* Dodds



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Jerry... at a 2006 street cleanup
I understand that a lady tried to give him money!


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Washing dishes with Don at Spring Camporee
Camp Emerson, 2004
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Jerry, Tom and Don... Cooking for the hungry boys
at a 2004 fishing campout.


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Chef Jerry at work
2004 beach campout
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Such finesse!
Webelos Woods, Camp Emerson
October, 2004


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Don, Jerry and Robin
Mt Palomar, 2005
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Jerry demonstrates alternate uses for
a potato bag...
Joshua Tree, 2005


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Has anyone seen MRS. Potato-Head?
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Carlos, Robin, Ray and Tom
grab Jerry and dunk him!
Huntington Beach, 2005
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Jerry... selling popcorn or papers?
Asking for spare change?
(Popcorn sales, 2005)

Tom practices First Aid
On Jerry
(First Aid triaining, July, 2006


Jerry is quiet and immobilized
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At a July 2006 meeting
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Jerry and Ruth's New Home
In West Virginia


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