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Troop 270
Chartered June 1, 1987


1.   Gene Van Houten (1987)

2.  James Vackoiz (1988)

3.  Robert Garrigees (1989)

4.  Henry Beld (1990 - 1996)

5.   Tom Gebelin (1997 - August, 2008)
River Valley District Award of Merit Recipient, 1998

6.   Doug Moore (August, 2008 - May, 2013)

7. Michael McVeigh (June, 2013 -      )

   Committee Chair:

Danielle Sovine, Committee Chairwoman
July 20, 2016 to present

Melissa Perkins, Former Committee Chairwoman
August, 2015 to July 19, 2016

Linda Jenkins, Former Troop Committee Chairwoman
2012 to May, 2014

Don Herweck, Former Troop Committee Chairman
1910 -2012

Letter from the church
Letter from the church
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 The Troop is comprised of a number of Patrols of Scouts and one Patrol of adults.
(Update needed)


The Cobras  

The Owls  
Panther Patrol Emblem The Panthers  
Old Black Bear Patrol Emblem The Black Bears

The Beach Chair Patrol
(Established May, 2004)
All adults in uniform

"I Blame the Boy Scouts"  New

Article in the November/December, 2010 edition of the National Geographic

Jerry Bums for cash on Adams

As an on-going service project,
Boy Scout Troop 270 performs clean-up maintenance
of a busy portion of Adams Street in Riverside
(on both sides of SR91)
View Troop 270 Street Cleanup  map

Adams Street Cleanup - Volunteer Waiver Form New
Required for all participants in the periodic Adams Street Cleanup
Please fill out the form and turn it in to Mr. McVeigh.
The "Name of Project" on the form is the Adams Street Cleanup.

Some interesting things that have been found in the street and parkways include:

  • "Homeless / Need Help" sign found by Jerry. (Jerry then tried to beg for money, using the sign - see photo at left)
  • Dead Rat
  • Dead Rabbit
  • Live .25 caliber cartridge
  • Bag of Feces
  • Car parts (eg. brake rotor)
  • Tools (some usable)
  • Credit Card
  • Traffic ticket
  • A working cell phone (returned to owner)
  • A dead possum (best guess)
  • Underwear
  • Gallon of rotten milk
  • Gallon jug with suspicious yellow liquid inside (found by new Scout Jesse 1/20/07)
  • Mysterious bone found by sibling Madison 1/20/07
  • Money! (coins, and part of a $100 Bill)

10 Essentials List:

A map and compass
Water bottle
Flashlight & extra batteries
Trail food
Extra clothing
Sunglasses and sun hat
First-aid supplies
Pocket knife or multi-tool
Matches  and fire starter/tinder
Rain gear
And a smart 11th  essential – Toilet Paper!

More detailed information is found at:

Additional Newsletter Submission from Tammy
that didn't fit into the February, 2005 edition:

Just in time for the new year, the Top 10 Adult Scouter Resolutions!

10. I resolve to not consider the District Dinner as "a night out on the town" with my spouse.
9. I resolve to stop wearing my Class A's to weddings this year.

8. I resolve to not wrap birthday packages using a decorative (yet impenetrable) variety of hitches and lashings.
7. I resolve to take my family on a vacation OTHER than the Jamboree, Philmont, Northern Tier, or the Florida Sea Base.

6. I resolve to join PA--Patches Anonymous--and begin a 12-step program to get myself patch free this year.
5. I resolve to stop shouting "Sign's Up!" at business meetings.

4. I resolve to build a pinewood derby car the old-fashioned way--without a lathe, wind-tunnel, or computer controlled milling machine.
3. I resolve to stop using my camp cup unless I'm actually in camp.

2. I resolve to stop hanging out in the video game aisle at Target to recruit.

1. I resolve to stop going through the neighbor's trash looking for a "Cheer" box!

A Thought

"Play is the beginning of knowledge."
--George Dorsey

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